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Enter NOW -
Every person in the challenge must register name and details.

Registrations are now open for The 2022 Corringle Cup 




  1. LOGIN if you have used a Track My Fish or Infofish App before with your email address and password go to the App, login and register now

If you have never used a Track My Fish or Infofish App before SIGN UP .


  1. Download the Track My Fish for Tournaments App on apple or android








If you have forgotten your password click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD (please check your email junk/spam folders as it can go in there for the reset link)

If you get any popup messages saying incorrect password/username or screenname already exists this means you have a login already, please head to forgot your password with your email address to reset it.

   2. Once you have entered into the app






then - REGISTER,


this will take you to the registration form.


Entry -  $50  paddled bait drop   and   $100  mechanical bait drop.
The reason there is a price difference is to make it fair for all in the prize money.
Mechanical bait drops can get at least twice as many baits out during the event. 
They can get baits out further.
They can get baits out when paddlers cant even get out in large seas.
It makes it fair for all competitors involved and all entry money goes into the prizes and the comp.
The more entrants the bigger the prize money will be, we are hoping to get to $5,000, but we will see how many enter anywhere in VIC.
Teams of 3 or 4 people are probably the best way to go, but some will and can fish in doubles or even solo.
The catch must be filmed, so 3 or 4 people will allow that to happen whilst the other 2 or 3 bring it in. If fishing solo or in doubles you must have someone to film the shark being caught and they are part of your team as a camera person, but do not have to pay.

We encourage teams to have funny names that can add some humour to the event. 
But we will leave that up to you what you call your team.

The baits can be cast from the beach, or Kayaked out the back, and the bait can be dropped mechanically.

The Corringle Cup perpetual trophy

The organiser of this challenge holds no responsibility for your safety and is not liable in any way for any injury or death that may occur during this challenge. You are encouraged to use common sense and to make sure your participation is done in a safe manner and that life jackets would be used if paddling out to place baits.

You agree by registering that you are entering this challenge at your own risk.      THIS IS A DANGEROUS & VERY EXTREME SPORT.

Shark Fishing in this way has been done in this area for a number of years. Many of the locals are good at it and that is why we are having this challenge. If you are not experienced at this you should not enter this year as a paddled bait drop and only as mechanical bait drop.

The challengers will be -
Paddling out through the waves & dropping the big baits out the back behind the swell on a kayak (must be filmed)
or All Mechanical Bait Drop offs  (must be filmed)
Hooking on to the shark.
The shark will run when hooked (good to be filmed)
Fighting the shark through the breakers (good to be filmed)
Get in the water and put a rope around the sharks tail (must be filmed)
Pull the shark on shore using a rope around its tail (must be filmed)
Measure the shark from nose to fork with tape measure and the person who caught it in the picture with sign provided (must be filmed)
Removing & showing the hook from the sharks mouth (must be filmed)
Pull the shark back into the water (good to be filmed)
Release the shark to swim away (must be filmed)

Make sure you take a close up of the measurement and a picture of the shark as well as video with name sign in it showing clearly.

Gummy Shark can be kept for consumption  (legal limits)
All other sharks especially protected species must be released.

To win the prize you must measure the shark, record on video on mobile phone or camera and upload it to the app. Videos can later be emailed email it to the registration office with a time and date attached.

Before the event starts there will be a link on this website to the Shark Fishing Challenge Card. You will print it, write your name on it in large black letters and laminate it. Any shark you catch you must display the card and date and time on your phone and take a picture of it as well as the video. This will help people fishing in areas with bad reception.

All video footage and pictures of the shark fishing challenge can be used by the challenge in anyway for the promotion of further challenges. 
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