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Winners of the Corringle Cup is a Draw

The winners of the 2021 Corringle Cup are - Lucas Smith ( Gamakatsu) & Peter Farley (Sinking Tinnies). Both names will be on the Corringle Cup.

Both landed Bronze Whalers at 101 inches or 8'6" from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. This making it about 11" to the tail.

We had some problems with team numbers and we are dividing the number of people in a team by the length of sharks caught collectively to work out that prize which will be announced at the presentations.

There are lots of prizes for everyone coming in and the Corringle Cup is nearly finished and it looks great.

Presentations will be announced as soon as we lock in all these details.

if there is any weekend that is not good for a team please let us know now as we want you all there. There will be prizes for many.

I want to thank the Sponsors for making this event happen and the prizes they are putting in.

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We will be letting everyone know the final results and the presentation in the next few days. Posts will continue on here so stay tuned

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