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The challenge has now finished and the results are being worked out now.

If anyone has a shark caught on the weekend and still has to upload it please do so this morning, so the results can be finalised today. The presentations details will be released soon and we want to make sure everyone can get there, so please let me know if there is a weekend that is not suitable for you and we will try to work out best for everyone.

The Orbost Mens Shed is finishing the Corringle Cup and we thank them for the efforts they are putting in.

I want to thank all the sponsors who are getting product to me for prizes and l will thank them again in detail. We have so many prizes we can get something to nearly everyone that fished the challenge.

Most of all, I want to thank all the contestants who made the challenge happen. With out you all there is no challenge and no data collected. For a first year in little time to arrange it has been a great turn out.

All of you are amazing and l look forward to seeing you all at the presentations.

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We will be letting everyone know the final results and the presentation in the next few days. Posts will continue on here so stay tuned

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