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Prizes and Awards

The prize pool is swelling upwards and more sponsors are welcome to join in.

3 special prizes have already been given at the organisers discretion.

These are to the gutsy people who tried to get a bait out in the opening weekend of The Corringle Cup with huge swell. (we do not encourage this but are awarding it this time)

Dave Kelsey (Paddled) - Matthew Young (Paddled) and Megan Macleod (who tried to swim)


New prizes for photos and videos uploaded and everyone can join in even if your not in the challenge. Just put them in the new Dropbox on the website in a folder with your name on it

$100 cash for the wildest video of a shark being landed (hand held camera, go pro or drone)

$100 cash for the best drone video of a paddler going out, dropping bait and coming back in

$ 50 cash for the best photo of anything in the challenge

More Challenge prizes TBA soon. Record all catches as there is a prize for the combined length of all sharks caught. Get as much good footage as you can and Dropbox it to us.

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