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New Dropbox - Upload Video & Photos

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

We now have a new Dropbox file on the site to make it easy to send in all your videos and photos. You do not need to have any drop box installed just click and drop it in.

Competitors please use this Dropbox file as well as uploading your video and pictures to the scoring app, which only takes 30 seconds of footage.

This will hold large video files and as many pictures as you want to upload.

Make a folder with your video and photo files in it and with your name on it. Then just place it in the drop box that appears when you click on the button below.

The same click here button can also be found on the Gallery page and at the bottom of the Teams page, you can use the button on any page as they all go to the same Dropbox file.

You still have to fill in the app videos and pictures required for the scoreboard, this is for the gallery and promotional purpose, we request and ask for as much good footage as you have

Anyone who is not in the challenge can also take videos and pictures and upload them here.

We are awarding and open to all

$100 for the wildest video of a shark being landed (hand held camera, GoPro or drone)

$100 for the best drone footage of a paddler going out, placing the bait and coming back in

$ 50 for the best still photo of anything in the challenge

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