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Massive rare shark a Dusty Whaler caught, measured and released - we are assisting with research.

It was first thought to be a Bull Shark and they look very much like. After Identification from some experts the Challenge is working with from the Shark Tag section of the CSIRO and further interstate reviews from fishermen with experience, it has been found to be a Dusty Whaler Shark and a very large one. Probably about 40 years old and it was released back to the ocean safely to continue living. Not many of these have ever been sighted in Victoria. Although this shark is not on the scoreboard, all data helps science to know the sizes, places and movements of all sharks caught and released. Catch & release fishing is the only way to get this much needed and important information in real time and different seasons.

Caught by Jayden Rainer at Corringle Beach on the 8th March 2021. A rare shark that only reaches sexual maturity at 20 years old.

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