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This pre historic dinosaur shark tooth will be made into the trophy which will be perpetual and the base will have all the names of previous winners engraved in it. These sharks were 100 ft long and had 287 teeth in a jaw span of 3.5 metres wide.

  3.5 Months


Action packed - teams fighting for the big prize


* 2 or 3 person teams

* 1 team member paddles through the surf right out the back on a Kayak to drop the bait. 

* AND when they hook on - its ON

* Fighting sometimes for hours to land these monsters and bring them into the breakers

* When they land them they have to get into the shore dump and rope em

* They have to hold them and measure the shark from nose to fork in the tail

* They have to un-hook em

* They have to hold em by the tail and point em out to sea

* We watch the sharks swim away safely



Superior Spectators Sport
family friendly watch from a distance, walk along the beach
Our story -
Being a farmer at Corringle Beach, Victoria, l have got to know many of the young fella's that shark fish on the beach next to our farm. Over the years and I have noticed three things about these fella's and this extreme and action packed sport.
1/ They are very brave and skillful.
2/ This is a very extreme and dangerous sport, but it's fair. 
3/ There needs to be a challenge and a challenge that grows to the biggest in the world and creates an attraction for the area year after year.
We were going to start the challenge this year in our area to find our feet, but the interest has been so big that we are now expanding the challenge time frame so more people can be involved and also expanding the fishing area to cover the whole of Ninety Mile Beach and other beaches in the East Gippsland region.
For more information contact - Andrew French - 0402383352 
or email -
fighting the big ones
Local Fishermen Helping
Local Youngsters. We are donating $5 for every entry in the challenge to.
Jarrah Beveridge
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  and help us
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